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Are you an organization that identifies with the goals and approach of Boxgirls International? Consider joining our network and working together to create and share resources for girls and women all over the world.


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Boxgirls leaders are honoured to share what we have learned and our experience with Sports for Development organizations, funders, and all levels of government. We provide gender, education, and Sport for Development program design expertise for a wide variety of international events including the Youth Olympic Games, Sport Accord, Beyond Sport, over 10 United Nations Sports for Development and Peace workshops, as well as a variety of high level national conferences.


Recent projects include:

  • Working with local governments in Berlin and Cape Town to develop active neighborhoods plans

  • Workshops for Ministry of Education officials in Kabul for child protection in girls’ education

  • Scenario development with schools in Hamburg to provide community activities for asylum seekers. 


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Fundraise BOXGIRLS in your community 

With more girls living at-risk in underserved townships every year, we need your support and aid to help reach the most vulnerable girls. Start your own fundraiser now to empower girls with sport and self defense to ensure education and self-esteem and empowerment as we help them reach their dreams.

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Be active

Set a fundraising goal for your next race, hike, marathon, or physical activity performance goal.
Dedicate your holiday, graduation, wedding, and special day to curbing gender-based violence by asking for donations to this cause as gifts for your special day!

How it works

Create a fundraiser for Boxgirls on to share your message.

Expand your capacity by sharing social media and inviting friends and family to join the effort.

Raise money using your talent, time, and passion for girls' empowerment!

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